Sodwana – Little One On It’s Own

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.

Before I jump into this epic weekend, I need to at least mention Coral Divers hot new kitchen makeover of powder blue and white. I was pleasantly surprised to see this facelift. 20180407_135958.jpg

I often get asked how I do it all. Work, events, friends, side hustles, courses – you know, life. My answer is usually; “with coffee in the one hand and confidence in the other”. In truth, it is all about balance. My city life very much reflects a wake-up and make shit happen attitude towards life and work. I believe in the beauty of the hustle and have a deep respect for God, achieving goals and the grind, but in order to keep that going you need to allow yourself breathing space and that is exactly what Sowana is for me. It is the opportunity for me to breath deeply again.

20180406_095739_001 (1)

The day of our road trip from Vryheid to Sodwana I was pulled into a telecom that ran way past the expected time allocated. Mostly due to me being frequently disconnected by an insane thunderstorm – small towns! We ended up missing dive planning, but the entire crew on the floor and the dive master at Coral Divers were so accommodating over the phone and helped us book our dives while we were trying to avoid all the potholes and cattle on the road. We finally arrived just after 20h00. It was like coming home!



I booked my brother and myself on the very first dive so that we could squeeze in a second. Our dive master, Brad, was incredible! This boy will make an incredible instructor one day. He reminded us again why nudibranchs are called nudibranchs, that moray eels have two jaws and that Sodwana means little one on its own in Zulu.

I can really relate to this. The thing is that I like walking alone. In the city, I feel like I am constantly busy and surrounded by people and walking alone gives me thinking space and space to be an observer rather than always having to be ready with an answer or be witty and fun all of the time. I appreciate the silence. I think that is why I enjoy diving so much. Although surrounded by other divers the silence gives you the freedom to cherish every interaction you have with nature.



I did not have one bad dive! We had incredible weather, fantastic visibility and was surrounded by epic reefs. We had long dives, my one dive lasted 84 minutes. I dived with a stock photographer who took the most amazing images.

We saw so much life that I am still mesmerized and in awe. From nudies to sea turtles, to barracudas.

Most of my dives took place on the 2 Mile Reef. Only people who have dived here will understand the size, variation, and marvel of this reef – containing more than 30 dive sites with depth ranging from 12 to 30 meters. I could have dived this site all week twice a day and never see the same spot twice. I took my dives here very slow. Life was everywhere in abundance.

I also made two dives on the 7 Mile Reef. One with the stock photographer and some Coral Dive crew members and the other with my dad which was quite special. Especially because the dive master who asked to be on this dive was Tian, my advanced course instructor. Both dives were memorable beyond words.

The 7 Mile Reef, often featured as one of the top 10 dive sites in diving magazines, is a photographer’s dream. The epic topography makes this reef a creation onto itself with enticing schooling fish and exquisite macro life. My second dive took me past and over mushroom rocks. All I wanted to do was stay in that moment, in that place, forever. Also, my dad is the best dive buddy in the world – just saying.



Somehow my journey always starts alone but never ends that way. Coral divers have an incredible way of turning strangers into friends. Instead of being called Little one on its own It should be called Little paradise because, in essence, this is my little paradise!


A Dive Addict

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