Westcoast Road Trip

Sometimes all you need are good friends and a tank of gas.

There are few things in life that compare to spontaneous badly planned road trips with good friends. This drove my decision to take my New York friends on an impromptu day trip to the West Coast for their last weekend in South Africa. We met at my flat and drove through to the Strandloper in Langebaan via the West Coast National park.

This park is one of my ultimate favorite places with the Atlantic ocean on the West and Yzerfontein South. Every visit leaves me breathless. The tortoises, impeccable secret beaches, beautiful braai spots, and exceptional nature goodness. It is just a striking raw paradise.


Our first stop was the spectacular turquoise water of Kraalbaai. It was a beautiful day and a quick swim turned into a two-hour swim. We were even able to spot the occasional baby stingray sharing the crystal clear water with is. We should have taken our floaties – note to self.  This is also a lekker spot for snorkeling and windsurfing.

Our next stop was the Strandloper Restaurant. A feast by the sea awaited us.

The fresh air and sunshine, the crackling fires and smell of freshly baked bread and the touch of true west coast hospitality had us sitting back, sipping wine with content hearts. One of the many reasons I absolutely love this place (aside from the character and location) is the local feel and how they live out their ethos: We look after each other. We look after you. Isn’t that just awesome?!

And then there is all of the food. The only thing I like more than talking about good food fresh out of the sea is eating good fresh seafood. Our first of the ten courses was fresh black mussels, straight from the rock into the frying pan with garlic and onion to quickly steam them. Lemon for zest and freshly baked bread, butter and jam for balance.


And so it went course after course:

  • Fresh bread served throughout the day, still hot with butter that melts at its touch and jam for sweetness.
  • Mussels
  • Harders
  • Viskerrie (Fish curry)
  • Snoek, patats (sweet potato) en roosterkoek.

Halfway through there was a long wait (which everyone was super grateful for) and we went for a swim trying hard not to drown. Mark, my friend from New York, warned us that we need to try every course. Also that it would be rude to reduce our portions to half portions. He will take one for the team and finish all our leftover – and he did!

  • Lamb bredie
  • Line fish
  • Smoked angelfish
  • Lobster
  • Koeksisters and moer coffee/ rooibos tea

We went to town on the koeksisters, which was a complete novelty for the New Yorkers. This outing was R310 per person and we ate until we had to be rolled out. We swam, we even had live entertainment in the form of a West Coast troubadour serenading us with Afrikaans folk songs.


We drove back to Cape Town through the west coast national park where we encountered all of the tortoises that had to be saved and helped when crossing the road.


A Satisfied Foody

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