Divers Night 2018

What is life without a little risk and night diving?

My heart leaped with excitement when I received Tony’s text – “Tomorrow night is diversnight!”  You can read all about my very first night dive and diversnight here

There is something magical that happens when a community of divers comes together to brave the crisp Cape Town water. There is something even more magical that happens when divers across the world enter the water at the same time on the same date.


We all met up at Long Beach. The tide was against us at the Jetty and we had some strong winds and big swell during the week leaving the sea moody. Long Beach was the perfect compromise, every diver’s dream. We drank in the soft hues of pink and purple as the sun set and then, as if one person, jumped into action to kit up. As I breathed in the fresh ocean air, geared with a torch in hand all I could think was that we’re far from shallow living.

For those that might not know, Diversnight is an international night dive which is in its essence a social event founded on cake shared with divers who spend as much time together in the water as above the water. Never underestimate the unifying power of cake. It is a great way to make friends with people that share your passion. It has become a growing institution where divers across the world dive on the same day at the same time.

In 2017 we were able to register 1,780 divers in the water, in 20 counties on 134 sites. That is incredible! Numbers for this year is still coming in, but as it stands we were 56 divers at Long Beach.

If you are looking to join a club I could really recommend Learn to Dive as a personal favorite. Tony is the dive master you never knew you needed.

Back to the actual dive…

The water was freezing and I forgot my gloves at home but it was a beautiful thing to witness so many divers disappearing into the dark calm water. It was an hour dive and a shallow dive, but not shy of marine life. The ocean floor was covered in starfish, slugs, crabs, and baby souls. A puffer fish came by to say hello. There were millions of billions baby shrimp and many more fishies that came out to play. How amazing to see all these nocturnal animals creating a completely new environment in the hours of darkness than what we are used to seeing in the hours of daylight. It is a whole new world – and yes, I am quoting a Disney song.

At the end of this very cold dive, there were hot chocolate, spice cake, and many happy hearts (56 to be exact) as people shared their sightings. The one thing about night diving is that it really focuses your attention.

The fact of the matter is dipping below the surface at night is not scary, it’s mesmerizing as long as you stay safe and have the right gear. The 2019 date is already circled in my calendar. Will you be joining?

A Scubaholic

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