Dolphins Giving Birth

Some of the greatest minds live under the sea – this I know to be true.

Cape St. Francis has always been my second home. A place I visit to breath again and two days ago it welcomed me back in the best possible way.

It was a windy, overcast day. Not really a-lie-on-the-beach kind of day. Instead, my middle sister (Carla), my mom and I went for a stroll across the beach. About half a kilometer out Carla noticed fins in the water. A school of 30+ dolphins was circling in the shallow, calm and crystal clear bay water. We watched them for an hour, circling, breaching but never playing. They were quite serious.

Finally, I couldn’t take the suspense. I ran back to the main beach to grab my snorkel and dive mask (always with me) and ran back. It was a fine balance between satisfying my curiosity and giving them the space they need without interfering.

I couldn’t get too close as three dolphin guardians came swimming towards me every time I pushed the boundaries as to warn me that I am here only as a silent observer to bear witness. And then I saw the huge mamma Bottlenose dolphin with the tiny tail hanging from her belly. They were here to protect those about to give birth.

After the first birth, three dolphins jumped joyously out of the water. At that point the current has become quite strong and I knew I just witnessed something incredible, it is okay for me to leave now.

Later that afternoon, my brother and I decided to make use of the incredible diving conditions and to start with a little snorkel and then go free diving. Maybe try our luck with a little spear fishing. It was one of the most beautiful snorkels I ever had in Cape St Francis. We saw the most incredible fat nudibranchs and colourful sea urgent and large schools of fish. As we ventured into the deep water we heard them before we saw them.

The one moment I was listening to the lively chatter of dolphins, the next minute I was surrounded by them. There were three newborns. They came to show off their babes, and then these majestic animals disappeared into the depths of the ocean. My heart was filled with wonder and joy as I watched them swim away.


An Ocean Addict

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