Evan’s Peak


I started the last day of 2018 the best way I could. A last-minute, early morning scuba to reflect on the year passed and the year that lay ahead.

I’ve been free diving, snorkeling and spearfishing like there is no tomorrow in Cape St Francis, but there was still this burning itch to sink into greater depths as 2018 came to an end. As the saying goes, my therapy starts at 30m.

One of my friends, Janco – who also took the photos published here –
suggested that I go dive at Evan’s Peak. A site, not only recognized but also published as one of the top ten coldwater dive spots in the world according to SA-V.

I booked my dive with ProDive PE and can really recommend them. My dive was booked for 31 December 2018 with incredible ease through WhatsApp – I am horrible with email during vacation, I do not look at them and I surely don’t answer any of them. I also had the misfortune to forget my driver’s license at the ProDive offices and Linda went above and beyond to ensure its safe return.

I arrived at the Red Windmill with my Rob Allan dive bag ready for all the windy city has to offer. Evan’s Peak Average around 10 – 40 meter. It was a lekker vibe and lekker people as we all geared up for the adventure ahead.

The 30-minute boat ride to and from the site was just as rewarding as the dive. We saw gannets, pelicans, penguins dolphins and whales. Huge jellyfish and bluebottles. At the site, we didn’t waste any time. We dove right in and started our dive. Our first sighting was a raggy and later an overgrown pajama sharky.

We ascended further down, 31 m to be exact, and later resurfaced to prolong our dive around the pinnacle. The pinnacle was a garden alive with color and activity. The visibility wasn’t great but the beauty was unmistakably present around us. My heart was overflowing when we ended the dive at 41 minutes and 90 bar left.

So while I was swimming around, taking in the color and beauty of this reef and trying to not lose my buddy, I started thinking about the year past and the year ahead.

My new year’s resolutions will be as follow:

  • I will start saving for the Sardine Rush
  • I will learn a new skill, night diving has been checked
  • I will not laugh every time snorkelers call themselves freedivers
  • I will not have any drinks the night before a dive (one glass of red wine doesn’t count)
  • I will come back with the same group of divers I left with
  • I will dive more often
  • I will update my equipment
  • I will become an underwater ambassador
  • I will help to keep our oceans free

The one New Year’s resolution I am not making is to diet. I am weightless underwater.


A Scuba Addict

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