CERES-ly Glamping in the Koue Bokkeveld

Like campfires and marshmallows, we are better together.

I am lucky to have a group of friends in my life that love adventure as much as I do. Every once in awhile we book an impulsive weekend away, losing ourselves in the landscapes and valleys that make out part of our beautiful country – South Africa.

This specific getaway took us to the Koue Bokkeveld near Ceres. Although we decided to camp it felt more like glamping with a private braai area, bathroom and of course we made sure to pack enough goodies for a killer harvest table. We traveled through wine country to get to Ceres and were very well stocked with only the best wines. Alice and Monique’s guitars led us into some lovely sing-along songs. We kept it old school and our tech was only used for photos since there was absolutely no signal to reach out to the world. We were off the grit.

The koue bokkeveld lived up to its reputation and made for some very chilly weather. We ended up only setting up two tents instead of three to retain as much heat as possible. The evening was spent gushing in awe over the incredibly beautiful night sky. The Milkyway showed off by gracing us with shooting stars and a thick starry highway that seemed close enough to touch. We drank some wine, toasted some marshmallows, shared secrets, and danced around the fire until our souls burned with the privilege of being alive.

On our second day we decided to visit the local farming community market. It was glorious! We ate good food, and bought some local produce. They even had a farm dance going. It was a day well spent.

They had a “Fynbos” tractor ride and we were all on board. Fynbos means “fine leave plants” and it is natural shrubland or heathland vegetation found in the Western and Eastern Cape in South Africa. It smells absolutely divine. Some fynbos like buchu holds great natural medicinal benefits. Others are just beautiful to look at.

If there is a horse I’m going to ride it. The farm boy warned me that this boy was quite wild. I quickly discovered that he loves to jump fences, but it was such a pleasure taking him for a ride. When I discovered that the stirrups were way too long for me and could not be adjusted I decided to criss-cross them over and ride without them. Natural horsemanship has always been a way of life for me.

On our way back from our camping expedition we stopped at some wine farms. Montpellier was an absolute favourite boasting with 300 years of heritage and quality. We had an incredible experience here. It was a very icy rainy afternoon and we settled in close to the fire place. The owner happend to be home and after hearing us talk about how sad we were that we couldn’t eat there he had a bottle of Méthode Cap Classique and a cheese board decorated with flowers sent over. The wine was absolute poetry and we had an enchanting evening at this fairyland venue.

The little church was as enchanted as the rest of this lovely wine farm and the last sight we saw as we took on the long road back to Cape Town with warm and happy hearts.




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