Best Places To Eat In Cape Town

Nothing brings people together like good food.

I’ve decided to create a post on my favourite places to eat in and around Cape Town. The Corona virus hit the restaurant and travel industry pretty hard, leaving me craving all my favourite meals. Next time you visit Cape Town, these places are worth the visit. It is also important to note that I do not get paid for any of these links 🙂 It is an honest depiction of the places I regular and the food experiences I savour from street food to high tea. The places are absolutely Instagram worthy and the vibes are good. In no particular order. Brought to you by a Capetonian.

The Noval Foundation

The Noval Foundation is a 30-minute drive outside of Cape Town. That being said it is worth the drive for these two reasons: The Scotnes restaurant within the Noval foundation is absolutely divine and the Noval Foundation is host to an incredible art collection that bleeds into a wonderful garden. We usually come here for a late brunch, but their entire menu is worth a taste. It is a beautiful though pricy affair, but the lovely garden views and a well thought through meals makes it worth every cent.

Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George is well …. gorgeous! Situated on one of Cape Town’s oldest street, this place is one of connection, architecture and all-round good vibes. It is the perfect place for lunch in summer or even an evening or late afternoon drink. It has quickly become one of our faves. Every once in a while it does, however, becomes a las when people don’t respect boundaries trying to get that perfect Instagram shot. This place is after all incredibly Insta worthy. For the most part, people are quite respectful.

Belmond Mount Nelson High Tea

There is nothing quite as delightful as high tea at the Belmond Mount Nelson. The setting makes for an elegant oasis and the snacks are bountiful with a rich variety of over 40 teas to choose from. They also have a tea that opens up into a beautiful flower when the boiling water hits it. The tea sommelier really knows his teas and take this art seriously. I can feel my mouth watering thinking of those earthy pecan nut tart and mini eclairs with chocolate fondant. An absolute treat.

The Swan Café

Oh, crêp! This place is beautiful. It has that right-from-the-sidewalks-of-Paris feeling, but be warned it is a crêperie which means everything will be served in the form of well, a crêpe. The Swan Café is owned and run by a French lady that really does stay true to her French heritage bringing that Paris feeling to the Cape Town sidewalk. The decor has an air of bonhomie with a look of South Bank chic. It will make you go oh là là while you sip on your latte.

Babel at Babylonstoren

This is easily one of my favourite places to visit. Even if you do not end up eating in the main Restaurant (Babel) or in the greenhouse I highly recommend taking the time to stop by. Babylonstoren is one of the oldest cape dutch farms and visiting this farm just evokes a feeling of wellbeing. Their restaurants serve seasonal food fueled by their farm to table philosophy and their menu is inspired by what is growing in their garden. Every second is a delight.

Antonij Rupert Wine

Anthonij Rupert – What an experience. So technically this is in the Franschhoek valley but it is still an incredible experience. I would suggest doing it right which means stopping at both their tasting locations for full tastings and having lunch at their restaurant. They also have an incredible car museum that is well worth the visit. Like they say, the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. Make this a full-day excursion.


Hello Brunch! This is seriously one of my most frequented brunch spots. Technically not in town, it is still close enough to Cape Town for brunch. Their food is absolutely tasty and the vibe is everything you never knew you needed. The only pain is that they don’t take bookings and fill up relatively quickly due to their fantastic food.

Mynt Café

Mynt sits on the Camps Bay beachfront, and you can expect lovely tapas and cocktails. I might be biased since I’ve hosted a few events here for brands I worked on, but the food was always good and the cocktails fresh and cold not to mention that magnificent view. In Afrikaans we’ll say that view is onverbeterlik. I’ve made a day of it, I’ve also come over straight from the beach or left for the beach after. Which ever floats your boat. It is a warm laid back environment and I love it!

Twelve Apostals High Tea

Is there anything better than tea by the sea? High tea at the Belmont Mount Nelson is where the girls and I go for afternoon tea, but the Twelve Apostles is where Stephen and I go when we want to escape the world and unwind or celebrate something big in a more reserved way. I promise your Instagram will work overtime here. Whether you take your tea in the leopard bar or on the terrace overlooking the ocean, you will find yourself happy. The lemon crème choux and rose and strawberry verrines are absolutely yummy.

Moro Gelato

Moro Gelato is in my humble opinion the best ice cream Cape Town has to offer. You can buy it at their shop in Longstreet or at their stand at the Ornajezich Farm Market. It is absolutely my guilty pleasure. There was a time I frequented the stand and the shop so much that they knew me by name. That was the first warning sign that I had a problem. The second was that I never opted only for one flavour, oh no! I at least got two. Winter? No problem, their hot chocolate is to die for. You can even get a white and dark hot chocolate mixed (real chocolate) with a chocolate-dipped waver and I even got the scoop of gelato on top for good measure. It was a sugar coma I’ve put myself in and I was happy to be there.


Every once in awhile I do actually opt for a healthier option. My bestie runs marathons and breakfast with her usually comes in the form of a delicious smoothy bowl. Nourish’d tend to be our place of choice. Not only is their smoothie bowls healthy but it is downright delish and nourishing. They are also incredibly beautiful and Instagram worthy.

Oranjezicht Farmers Market

I won’t single anything out because everything you will eat at this market is incredibly yummy and good. Prepare for gourmet style street food. I usually buy all my fresh veggies and fruit here, but there is so much more to shop than fresh farm produce. Allow yourself the morning to really take it all in. This place is a winner and caters for everyone’s dietary needs or food fuss. Best of all is it is in Cape Town close to the harbour.

Van Hunks

Van Hunks is another dirty little secret. Named after the legend of Van Hunks waging a smoking contest against the devil explaining how Devil’s Peak to the left of Table Mountain got its name. I always take my dad there and I have been known to end up with friends there quite regularly. It was very close to my old apartment. Al their food is good, but their ribs are the reason you go there. Slow-cooked for eight hours the meat falls from the bone – this is not a metaphor. It actually falls from the bone. It is a lekker pub vibe.

Have you been to any of these places? Let me know what your experience was like in the comment section, or if you are looking for something more unique I can help you find it. I have literally almost eaten everywhere in Cape Town.

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