Kloof Corner

All good things are wild and free!

Kloof Corner is absolutely one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets. It has become one of my favorite pre-work workouts. The views (views of Camps Bay, Lion’s Head, the City Bowl, and Atlantic ocean) definitely best the gym. I recommend going early so that you can watch the sun rise over yet another perfect day in Africa.

Kloof Corner hiking trail is perfect for beginners or those only looking for a quick picturesque workout before starting their day. It is only 1.4 km and can easily be completed in 20-30 minutes.

Start Your Hike Up Kloof Corner

To find this secret gem, drive up Tafelberg Road and park at the second parking lot on your left. Cross the road to the Kloof Nek Water Treatment Plant where you will find the sign marking the start of this heavenly trail. The trail starts off with a gradual incline and after a fairly straight section you will start to make your way up the side of table mountain. Take the time to pause and look around. It is truly beautiful.

Once you make your way to the top, turn right and make your way around the corner to Kloof Corner. Breath in the fresh air and views of the Atlantic ocean in front of you. This is my favorite spot to enjoy the best sunrises and sunsets the mother city has to offer.

Although this is a safe hiking experience you should still take safety precautions. Hike with a buddy or let someone know where you are going. Make sure you take enough water with you and wear the right kind of shoes for this outdoor adventure. Cape Town is notorious for its weather so make sure to take a jacket, even if it looks sunny outside. Also pack a headlamp if you are taking on a sunrise or sunset. I like to pack some picnic snacks as well, but always ensure that I don’t leave any rubbish behind.

In the mood for something more adventurous and extreme? Make your way all the way up Table Mountain via Kloof Corner Ridge. There is a chain route and a pinnacle route on the contour path. Be warned, this route is known as the most challenging hike up Table Mountain. It is very steep, involves actual climbing and some serious exposure. I would not recommend going all the way up Table Mountain this way for beginners or first time climbers. This should only be attempted by frequent hikers with skills in rock climbing. There are simpler access points to the wonder that is Table Mountain.


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One thought on “Kloof Corner

  1. this was such a lekker hike. We should do another one soon. You should blog about all your CT hikes!


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