Jeffrey’s Bay Scuba

The soul of the earth is found in her oceans

Plot twist – Jbay is not just for surfers! Jeffreys Bay have incredible waves. It is one element that attracts thousands of surfers to its shore. What very few people know is that Jeffreys Bay is also home to an incredible underwater gardens that lives beneath its surface. It was a privilege to see all the beautiful life on these reefs.

By chance I was added to a scuba diving group and what a group it ended up being. The team at Jbay Scuba is really a force to be reckoned with. They contributed so much to the memorable experiences this ended up being.

We dived Walls twice and then Pope’s Nose. Pope’s Nose was ironically named because of a rock that looks like the tail of a fried chicken or a pope’s nose. Paul pointed the spot out to me and we had a little giggle about how accurate that description was – our South Africans can be very literal in our naming conventions at times. The dives were beautiful but we capped them at 38-45 minutes with about a 100 bar left just because of the cold water. Next time I will be better prepared. A highlight was that I got to skipper the boat for a bit. Also all photo credit goes to Paul van Jaarsveld. He took his camera with and kudos to him for these captures because it was taken in a supper strong current.

The best thing about the pristine reefs in Jeffreys Bay is that they do not see a lot of traffic and due to that they are flourishing. These reefs made me want to be a mermaid so that I can just live there. Not even to speak about all the beautiful Nudibranchs and seaweeds. There were so many new species of life that I have never seen before. The ocean surely gave me the gift of new life this time around. We even discovered new spots as we came across two caves and a large overhang. A beautiful box stingray graced us with his presence and some pajama sharks came out to play.

I can’t explain what it is about scuba diving that stirs my soul this much. Maybe it is the way it quiets my very busy mind, maybe it is because it is the closest I will ever get to actual flying. All I know is every time I sink deep into the surface I feel internal joy. It is a new world unfolding right in front of your eyes. It is how the colors and alien life around you pulls you in and captivates you. There is no way you can sink to those depths and not be fully immerged, fully aware, fully present.

I have been thinking a lot about sustainability and one thing that I do know, is when people who loves the ocean comes together great things can be achieved. We have been far too aggressive about extracting wildlife, not appreciating that there are limits, not considering what its doing to our oceans. There is a point of no return and we need to find our voices and protect our oceans.


The Jbay Mermaid

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