Lost in the Blackforest

Happily Lost! Don’t Send Help!

In the heart of the black forest lies a magical little town of singing cuckoo clocks, black forest cake, waterfalls, woodcarving, and a misty mysteriousness that will keep you captivated. This little gem is called Triberg.

Triberg im Schwarzwald is a sleepy little town in Baden Württemberg in the Schwarzwald-Baar district in the black forest. Stepping of the train and onto the train station is like Stepping into a Brothers Grimm fairyland. The crude little women that works at the station cafe reminded me of the evil which in Hansel and Gretel.

A handsome and polite taxi driver dropped me at the Zur Lillie restaurant. There I was met by a women that looked like a magical creature from a story book. She in return went on the hunt for someone who spoke English to get me all checked into my room for the night. I literally just dropped my bags and headed out to the enchanted Triberg Waterfall.

It is a rare occasion when a place do not just live up to your expectation, but exceeds it. The Triberger Wasserfälle (Triberg Waterfall), Germany’s highest accessible waterfall, exceeded my expectation in every way. The powerful roaring rapids running over seven cascades falls to a depth of 163 meters. The pouring rain did not stop me from braving the entire trail.

I was happy to waste my time just being amazed by the waterfall before walking deeper into the black forest on a fun “let’s see where this path leads” adventure. It was a thing of magic. The ground was covered with big red and brown fallen leaves. The rocks and thick reaching roots were cover with lush green moss. An eerie miss hang over the trees and darkness set in as the think rows of trees started to drown out the light. I am at home here. I am home among the trees.

After a satisfying and mesmerizing stroll through the forest, being lost and found and then lost again I decided to have dinner at the restaurant I was staying at, Landgasthof Zur Lilie. By this time I was freezing and hungry! I ordered the waiter’s favorite beer, being more of a wine drinker I did not trust my judgment. I ordered a fondue, but they misunderstood my English and bought me a cheese platter instead. It was was delicious!

I ended my meal with Black Forest cake loaded with kirschwasser (locally made cherry schnapps) and a cappuccino. If you’ve eaten Black Forest cake anywhere else you have eaten a lie. This cake was next level deliciousness. There is also a non-boozy version for those not feeling like Schnapps drenched cake.

Happily tipsy I made my way to my room for a hot shower and listening to the bells while watching the rain and mist fall over the forest entrance. The next morning I awoke slowly with the down poor of rain and those same beautiful bells. I decided to explore the town one last time before having breakfast and continuing on my journey.

In the black forest of Nature’s soul I found my true wild heart. I bought the most delicate little angel carved out of wood to keep me safe on the rest of my travels. I danced along with the world’s biggest cuckoo clock. I drank in the various kind personalities around me. I wanted to stay longer, but I knew if I extend this adventure with a day I might stay forever – vanish without a trace and make a become one of Triberg’s magical dwellers.


The Girl With The Cuckoo-Clock-Heart

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